This is why early Christmas decorating is good for you

After blowing out that last overpriced Halloween pumpkin-shaped candle, you might be wondering: how soon is too soon to start decorating my house again for Christmas? We’re talking about the works: hunting down the perfect Christmas tree and trekking back to your house in the cold to decorate it, designing a wreath for your front gate and perhaps creating an adorable homemade Christmas light. Decorating early is one of those things that always manages to divide people across the globe. As there isn’t really a manual indicating when is too early to put Christmas decorations up, the only thing you can do is turn to research. And it turns out that the festive fanatics among us are having the last laugh.


Are you among the people who start watching Christmas films on repeat as soon as the weather gets chilly? Or fill the house with abominable snowman memorabilia and a giant inflatable santa? According to experts such as psychoanalyst and owner of the McKeown clinic Steve McKeown, early Christmas decorators are happier and more relaxed. The theory? People who start decorating early are driven by nostalgia. And what better antidote to a world filled with stress and anxiety is there? People like to attach to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke the feelings of childhood. Christmas decorations are a pathway to those old wonderful childhood emotions of excitement. Putting Christmas decorations up early extends the excitement. Keep reading to discover another reason why people who start decorating for Christmas early are happier.