This 74-year-old granny’s birth story will shock and surprise you

A woman from Southern India has probably created a new record by giving birth to some twins – at the fine age of 74. This makes her the first woman of her age to achieve something like that. Read the fascinating story and find out how this was possible.


This story is about the woman Mangayamma Yarameti, who had two little girls thanks to IVF. The children were born thanks to a cesarian and it’s the highlight of Yaramati’s 57-year marriage to the 80-year old Sitarama Rajarao. Still, it was anything but an easy process. 
Thanks to IVF, Rajaro’s sperm and a fertilized donor egg (Yarameti was going through menopause) this mother was able to give birth to the twins. But it went anything but smoothly; Rajaro had a stroke right after his wife gave birth and had to be taken to hospital. There was also still some doubt about Yarameti’s real age. Find out why. According to the doctor who was present at birth, it says Yaraeti is 74 on her birth certificate. Different newspapers think her real age is not immediately traceable. If her real age were able to be confirmed, she would be the oldest woman in the world ever to have had kids, according to the Guiness World Records. This would allow her to beat the Spanish Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara, who had twins when she was 66. Read what the medical community in India said had to say about this birth. Some experts are against using IVF when it comes to Yaramati’s age. According to a gynaecologist, the doctors shouldn’t have agreed to this, even if the couple begged.