These children have the most beautiful eyes in the world

With their open and innocent expressions, it’s safe to say all children’s eyes are beautiful. However, you can’t get around the fact that these 6 kids have some seriously special eyes.


These children from all over the world have rare eye-colours and grown-up expressions that will both shock and amaze you. baby-and-co

A young girl from India shows off her magnificent eyes. These same eyes that caused her to be considered a witch in her village of origin. It’s sad how something so beautiful can be turned into an object of mockery. The photographer managed to take the perfect photograph when she posed for the picture. You’re probably already familiar with the photo of the mesmerising girl on the next page, but it’s captivating nonetheless.

Afghan girl: the world’s most famous photograph


The frightened eyes of this beautiful woman were captured in a war zone. The unique combination of sadness, despair and fear has touched millions of people around the world – even more so if they know the story behind it. The African boy in the photo on the next page has an expression beyond his years.

Boy with the wisest eyes


Look closely and you can probably see the entire world in the wise eyes of this little boy. His story remains unknown, yet still manages to touch lots of different people. You can only guess what this boy must have seen to wear this expression on his face – it’s probably not something to take lightly. The next African boy probably has the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. See it on the next page.

The bluest eyes


We said it: probably the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen on a little boy. Period. He also has the most endearing, charming and honest smile a happy African boy could possibly have. We haven’t decided if the next boy’s luminescent eyes are beautiful or just plain eerie yet. See it for yourself on the next page. 

Luminous make-up not necessary


This little boy’s eyes seem to be lit from within. The light that comes from them is entirely his own and not the product of excellent lighting or expertly applied make-up. We’re not really sure what we should call this eye-colour: is it green, is it blue or are we looking at an unearthly hybrid only a few evolved humans posess?