These are the most beautiful twins in the world

Beautiful twins

Jaqi and her husband were always careful not to force their girls into anything: they didn’t want to make their daughters go for a modelling career. That’s why they decided to wait until they were old enough to make their own decisions. By the time they were 7, the daughters had developed their own personalities. They liked after school activities, like dancing and swimming. On their birthday, Jaqi suggested that the girls give modelling a go (alongside dancing and simming).


According to Jaqi, the girls love performing; they have a bit of a theatrical streak going on. It doesn’t matter if the audience consists of friends, neighbours or total strangers – they’re all a welcome audience. Jaqi has no idea who the girls got this from. She says: ”I was totally not surprised when they started to jump for joy when I mentioned modelling jobs: they couldn’t wait to begin!” It was a resounding ‘yes’ from the twins.

Thankfully, Jaqi’s neighbours had just opened a children’s clothes store. They were looking for a couple of models to help take the collection to the next level. The twins got the job – an amazing opportunity. They could now get more experience, as well as a few decent pictures to show an agent later on. Jaqi thought it would be hard to find an agent. To her surprise, they got an almost instant reaction from almost all the agents: they all wanted to meet the beautiful girls. Soon, the girls’ succes grew explosively on social media. Check it out on the next page!