These are the most beautiful twins in the world

Jaqi and her husband Kevin Clements were blessed with twins a bit earlier than expected. Thankfully, the girls were healthy. The Clements were over the moon to welcome two beautiful girls to the family: Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements. They had no idea (like so many parents) that their lives were about to change dramatically.

Why? The two girls are exceptionally beautiful. What’s more: they now have a succesful modelling career thanks to their parents. Read the twins’ special story now.


Jaqi was surprised 4,5 weeks earlier by the arrival of her beautiful twins. Soon, she began to understand why. They thought it was about time to share their beauty with the world! With their green eyes and shiny locks, the twins attracted lots of attention. They were often stopped in the street and family members were impressed by their appearance. See how beautiful (and grown up) these young women look today.

The twins received lots of attention and compliments from family members after their birth. Even strangers were fascinated by their unique beauty. This wasn’t without reason. With their beautiful skin, shiny hair and perfectly symmetrical faces, they look as if they’ve just stepped out of a magazine. The twins’ next step would mark the beginning of a mega succesful career.

With such cute kids, it’s almost impossible not to hand out tons of compliments. From the moment they were born, Jaqi constantly heard the same story: ”wow, they’re beautiful, they should really become models. ” Their mother Jaqi tried to create a modelling career for them. But how did their daughters handle it?