Bridezilla Strikes Again: 7x Bridesmaids Who Wore The Weirdest Dresses

It’s not uncommon for future brides to turn into bridezilla’s the moment they start planning a wedding. Sometimes this madness is reflected in the bridesmaids dresses, as the following pictures demonstrate.


Keep reading to see dresses that will make you question the sanity of the bride and her friends. 

This fuchsia pink number is every bridesmaid’s worst nightmare: tight at the top, puffy at the bottom and with a questionable matching hair accessory. Most brides look a bit uncomfortable, but it’s nothing compared to what the bridesmaids had to wear on the next page.

Is it a Halloween costume? And is the theme of the wedding something along the lines of: green goblin revenge or: witches night out? Perhaps the bride was expecting something different, but her friends wore the dresses lovingly anyway. The next bridesmaids dresses are incredibly confusing.

These bridesmaid dresses are puzzling. They look like wedding dresses for starters. It also looks like someone took several different dresses apart and sowed them together into one dress. The strange cuts, fabrics and puffiness create one awkward spectacle. Still, it’s nothing compared to the masculine attire the next bridesmaids were forced into.

Thin mustache: add when in doubt


Well, this is original. The bridesmaids are wearing retro plaid dresses that seem to belong to different decade. They don’t look too happy about it – but that could also have something to do with the mustaches they were forced to wear. Keep reading to see the explosion of tulle the next bride made her bridesmaids submit to.


Whoa, that’s a lot of tulle! This bride sure seems to like the puffy material: she not only almost drowned her bridesmaids in it, but is also dressed as the queen of puff herself. The location of the next picture is what’s shocking us more than the actual outfits, though.

Public bathroom posing


Most of the dresses aren’t too bad in this picture. However, it remains unclear why they’re being photographed in a bathroom – especially with the girls standing inside the tub while the bride awkwardly poses just outside it. Check out the next crazy wedding picture with superhero vibes.

Superman birthday wedding


It looks like the message this lady was trying to send her husband and guests is: we’re superwomen and nobody is going to stop us. It’s hard to imagine this is how the woman’s friends want to attend her wedding – but there you go. Nobody messes with a bride and her plans.