Single Mum Of Three Leads Mysterious Double Life Which Leads To Tragic Fate

At a first glance, it looks like Paige Birgfield from Colorado had it all. She was a sweet girlfriend, the perfect mother and knew exactly what she wanted at work. In her hometown Colorado, people worshipped her. But all of a sudden Paige disappeared: a huge shock. Nobody could get in touch with her. Where could such a model citizen have gone? This story just goes to show that there’s almost always an uncomfortable hidden behind the ideal. However, the story was so much more complicated than the people who knew Paige would ever realise.


For a lot of people, Paige Birgfeld was the ideal mother. People thought she was friendly and hardworking. She led a calm life in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. In this city close to the Grand Valley she was cherished by people over the whole world. She was recently divorced from her ex-husband Rob and there were some nasty rumours going around that he was abusing her. Still, she managed to rise up from the ashes of her marriage. She spent her days bringing up her three children – but not everything is what it seems. Everyone has something to hide.

When she and her ex-husband split up, Paige had to figure out how she was going to survive without financial support. She tried to find lots of different ways to earn some money. Her number one priority was allowing her children to have a good life. That’s why she looked for as many ways as possible to achieve this goal. She ran different dance studios and even chose to give love a second chance again. Find out how their date indirectly led to a complete disaster on the next page.