Russian mother grew a beard after giving birth, this is what happened next

What’s the worst that could happen after giving birth? Growing a beard is probably up there with your most panic-inducing scenario’s. Svetlana Savchenkova (33) from Russia was unlucky enough to experience this. She opened up about her bizarre experiences on a TV medical show. In front of millions of viewers, Svetlana confessed that her hairy face had made her a recluse. It was also causing problems in her marriage: she feared her husband would leave her, as it was ‘disgusting’ to kiss her.


Svetlana’s condition began 12 years ago, around the time she got married. That’s also when she began hiding her face. It pre-dated the birth of her seven-year old and took on distressing proportions after pregnancy. Svetlana’s husband urged her to appeal to a TV show called ‘I’m Ashamed of my Body’, as a final attempt to get rid of her facial hair.
Svetlana’s condition (also known as hirsutism) affected everything: she no longer allowed her son to touch her face and always wore a medical mask – even at home. Her relations with her husband were not great. ‘He doesn’t kiss me now because it’s disgusting. Every year it is getting worse. I am afraid that our family will fall apart.’

Different types of previous treatments (some of them physically painful), had made no real difference to Svetlana’s facial hair problem. As her condition only seemed to worsen, doctors told her she’d have to live with it. Her husband urged her to open up about her problem on TV and get access to the treatment offered by some of Russia’s best medics.
On the show, a multi-disciplinary medical team took care of Svetlana. In one year, she received laser therapy, treatment, which made a life-changing impact.

To say the treatment worked would be an understatement: everyone can finally see Svetlana’s pretty face! Svetlana was over the moon: she no longer had to wake up before the rest of the family to shave her face. She also felt better about her relationship and wasn’t afraid of losing her husband because of her ‘hairy face.’ ‘I’m finally happy and my son feels it – we finally hug each other and he can touch my face.’ Everyone was relieved to finally see wife and mother Svetlana without her self-imposed mask.