Parents raise child among wild beasts, 20 years later this happens

If you think a normal childhood means playing in the park and watching Disney films on repeat, think again. Tippi Dee is one of those kids who was lucky enough to be raised unconventionally – among wild beasts, that is! Warning: the following story is beautiful, but also quite frightening.


Meet Tippi Degree, a young girl living in Namibia (Africa), where her parents work as professional wildlife photographers. The pictures show how important it is to preserve African wildlife and how special it is to get close to wild animals.

Tippi isn’t your ordinary girl. Seeing her get this close to animals in the wild just goes to show that she has a gift with animals. Either that, or animals simply take to her, like we’ve seen in countless Disney movies involving princesses singing surrounded by groups of cute fluffy little animals. It’s rare to see children interact with wild animals without fear. The next photo, however, is even more stunning! It involves playing with a highly dangerous animal. 

Beyond a doubt, Tippi has the most fairytale-like childhood. Having all of this wildlife in your backyard is something you usually only come across in movies and books. But perhaps even more special is how Tippi interacted with the African locals. It was a pass for sure! Not only was Tippi accepted by everyone, she was also most definitely appreciated by all around her. This is something priceless she’ll probably keep in her memories forever. Not only that, it’s also one of the things that spurred her to take on a huge project. Keep reading and prepare to be amazed by the real-life Jungle-Book moment on the next page.