Mom Refuses to Let Son Eat Vegetables and Years Later This is What He Grows Into

Gloria Zasso from Munich decided to raise her son differently when she stopped being a vegan. This means no vegetables for her son and a decidedly meaty diet instead.


Isaac can eat as many raw brains, liver, steak and bone marrow as he wants. All vegetables, however, are off-limits. Not everyone was enthusiastic about this idea; some people thought it would have negative effects on his health. Read the extraordinary story and look at how the diet influenced his looks on page 3.

Raw food for your baby


After the birth of her son, Gloria started suffering from reumatoid athritis, which caused a lot of joint pain. Doctors prescribed a medical treatment, but Gloria wanted to heal herself differently. After a lot of research, she decided to give meat another chance, kicking things off with a portion of raw liver (even though the idea was disgusting to her). Keep reading to discover which diet Gloria chose for herself and her son

Vegan diet turns into carnivore diet


The first time Gloria ate meat, she had to force it down – but after that she started feeling better instantly. Her husband Thomas and het son joined her carnivore pursuits and seemed to enjoy it. Gloria seems to have fully recovered from her bodily complaints. ‘Of course, I get lots of criticism from people, especially about the health of my kid. They think it’s irresponsible to raise a child without vegetables.

Baby food: health is imperative


A nutrition expert from a clinic in London warns about the negative effects of a meat-heavy diet. He says: ‘you’re not getting any fibre, which isn’t healthy at all, especially for children who are still developing themselves. Children need nutrients from plants to be healthy and well-fed. He advises people to seek advice from a health professional before overhauling their entire diet – especially when it comes to a child. Gloria seems to be doing fine until now. Read what she says to everyone who is concerned about her child..

Rib-eye steak for breakfast


‘As a mother, you’re constantly doubting all your decisicons and I do worry about what he eats. Still, he’s healthy and active and you need to listen to what your body is telling you. As long as mother and son are healthy and active, rib-eye, steak, bone marrow and raw beef will remain firmly on the menu. Do you dare to try the carnivore diet?