Couple Adopts Triplets, Then Doctors Call To Announce Something Incredible

Sarah and Andy are a young, successful couple from Oklahoma who are desperate to be parents. After years of trying unsuccessfully, they decide it’s time to consider adoption. It turns out the adoption process is just as frustrating as trying to conceive for three years. However, the couple kept going and eventually managed to adopt three babies. Once the triplets were born, something incredible happened. After struggling to expand their family for three years, the Justices decided to find a fertility doctor. Sadly, the visit wasn’t successful and it seemed like there was little chance of Sarah getting pregnant: only 10%. This means the Justice’s were ready to turn to plan C!


Because becoming parents was their number one priority, the Justices started the adoption process – which is by no means easy. Drained at the end of the adoptive process, the Justices suddenly got good news: one birth mum wanted to give them her baby. Their dream had come true! Sadly, things also took a turn for the worst at this exact moment.

The birth mother decided to keep the baby after all, and the news broke the Justices. Luckily, Andy and Sarah received another call shortly after that: the agency called them to tell them a pregnant woman wanted to give them her unborn child. The agency called to let the Justices know that there was a pregnant woman who chose Sarah and Andy to be the parents of her unborn child. There was something different about this birth mother that seemed promising. And, lo and behold: the doctor saw three separate and strong heartbeats on the monitor. But after that, something would take the new family completely by surprise again. Read about it on the next page.