Put An Onion In Your Child’s Sock Before He Goes To Sleep. Find Out Fast Why This Works.

Ever heard that it’s good to put an onion in your child’s sock before he or she goes to sleep?

When it comes to an onion, most people still think of a crash course in crying or good cooking, and that makes sense, because we use onions mainly for eating. But did you know that onions are also good for completely different things? In addition to adults, children also benefit from this. In this way you can effectively combat all kinds of ailments that your child might have with onions.

The cure for many ailments is apparently right there in your home and the beauty of it is, it is 100 percent natural. How can you use these healing powers? By putting an onion in your son’s or daughter’s sock before you go to sleep at night. Discover the secret behind the healing power of onions on the next page.