This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible

Health expert Shannon Cooper from Brisbane always knew she wanted to raise her daughter differently foodwise. That means sugar and carbs were definitely off the menu and a strict diet was designed for her daughter. Not everyone was enthusiastic about this idea: some thought it would have seriously negative effects on her health. Shannon is glad she persisted, as the diet had a very interesting effect on Grace. Read her extraordinary story. If there’s one thing this Australian mother believes in, it’s: “You are what you eat”. She’s convinced that free-range meat contains more nutrients than caged animals and that cutting out processed foods is best. Desperate to test all her theories on her new baby, she decided not to give her baby sugar, carbohydrates or additives. Keep reading to discover which popular diet Shannon chose to support her beliefs.


You definitely won’t find sugar, carbohydrates or conservatives on the menu: the Paleo diet consists primarily of fish, meat, veggies and fruit. Interesting fact: Shannon’s baby’s eyes turned a mysterious shade of dark blue – possibly due to this diet. Going Paleo had a hugely positive effect on Shannon’s life.

Many experts believe that primitive people were indeed healthier, due to their protein-rich diet and high intake of fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fat. Their diet was also a lot less high in sodium. Still, people from the stone age suffered from infections, parasites and a hardening of the arteries. Doctors still don’t know enough about this diet to say if it’s healthy for a baby or not. That’s why the doctor warned Shannon for potential risks. Shannon decided to make an exception for her daughter and it has somehting to do with breastfeeding. Keep reading to discover what it is.

Shannon breastfed her baby during the first few months of het life. Seeing as babies can’t eat raw meat or vegetables, this was a wise decision. Apart from breastfeeding, she also gave the girl small portions of vegetables and organic chicken. Nothing she gave her growing girl contained sugar, preservatives or other additives. When she was 13 months old, she was already eating quinoa, sauerkraut and chia pudding – healthy things most kids hate.

Shannon is really pleased with the effects of this diet on her baby. Her kid has only been sick once (and it was only a mild cold). That’s pretty impressive: children get sick often in the first years of their life. Grace often plays with children who cough and are sick, Shannon adds, but she never catches anything. You could say the diet really works in this case!