Mother Adopts Two Children, Later She Discovers Something Shocking About Their Identity

Katie Page from Colorado was young and single. Her goal: to move to the other side of the country and start a new life there. Yet Page had no idea that her life would change dramatically. She would also discover her true calling: becoming a foster parent and eventually adopting. Shortly after adopting her first son, she also takes care of a little girl who was left behind in the hospital by her mother. Suddenly, something strange strikes Page regarding both children: the mystery is too bizarre for words. As more and more pieces of the puzzle fell into place, a third shocking surprise appeared.


Katie Page was in her early 30s when she decided to divorce her husband. Everything changed: it was one of the most difficult periods in her life and she was ready for something new. Page had many friends and a rich life, but something was missing. When she was offered a job, she seized the opportunity. She bought a large house with 4 bedrooms because she felt that ‘more’ would come.

On Mother’s Day, Katie Page sent in her application to become a foster parent. It was great: she finally had another purpose in life. During her time as a foster parent, Katie Page had the great opportunity to help four different children in need. Being a mother felt very natural and every experience was exactly what she expected. The foster children had shaken something up in Page, giving her a new mission: becoming a real mother. Her timing was perfect: Page received great news from foster care. Find out what it was on the next page.