A nanny’s shocking reaction when she heard noises from inside the home

The dream of every parent: finding someone they can trust with their children when they’re gone. This nanny somehow managed to trump everyone’s expectations…


Jenna Lee Baker works as a nanny to the three-year-old son of Jonathan Lai and his wife in California. Her work is very important: the parents are often outdoors for work and can’t give the little one all the attention he deserves. They never expected the nanny would take her job so seriously, though. Especially when the worst nightmare of every parent suddenly became a reality. Read what this was and check how Jenna dealt with the drama.

A caring nanny


As a nanny or babysitter, you have a few responsibilities that can differ per country and culture. The work mainly consists of looking after children, but it also entails the feeding, bathing, playing with children and ensuring that they do their homework. Of course, goal number one remains: keeping the children safe. Jenna was more than capable of doing this, to the surprise of all the community. The family even calls her ‘rockstar’ and ‘supernanny’ after a particularly traumatic experience.

Why it’s best to make your house as safe as possible


It was the summer of 2017 when Jenna Lee Baker came home (just like any other day) to fulfill her role as a nanny. She had done some errands that day and taken the little one with her. When they were back at the Lai’s house, she instantly felt something was wrong. When she opened the door and went inside, Jenna saw something strange she couldn’t immediately place. Read about the shocking experience on the next page.