9 skin mistakes that are making you look older

If you’re like most people, you probably used to be more concerned about how good your makeup looked than what was actually underneath. Whether it was covering up a pimple with department store foundation, or creating the perfect smokey eye for a night out with friends, chances are your mind was more on mascara than moisturizer — let alone developing a long-term skin routine. If your makeup looked good, you look good, right? Wrong!

A much better approach is to think about keeping your skin looking younger and healthier. That’s why we’ve compiled a list with advice on what you should all be doing (and avoiding) on our journey to more beautiful skin. It turns out that there are some things many of us do every day that could be sabotaging our faces more than we think. Below are several common skin care mistakes that make you look older. It’s not too late to change your ways and embrace a dewier, glowier and younger skin – simply follow the tips below!


Healthy skin tip 1: always take off your makeup before bed

Coming home after a late night out and jumping into bed with a face full of makeup hurts you in more ways than one. Not only does this result in a constant need to do laundry (mascara and white pillowcases are not a match made in heaven), it also makes removing dry, caked-on makeup a complete nightmare. It’s also just a terrible way to treat your skin in general. Listen up, skincare enthusiasts: whether you are a religious makeup wearer or not, washing your face twice a day is very important for healthy skin. The reason? Sweat, makeup, pollutants in the air, and bacteria from our hands are all sitting on our skin and need to be cleansed off daily. Even if we don’t wear makeup, we’re constantly exposed to pollutants that damage our skin. Air pollution is all around us — it’s not just confined to urban areas. Pollution particles are 20 times smaller than pores, meaning our skin easily absorbs these toxins. You might not notice it immediately. It means leaves your skin unprotected and exposed to pollution, which takes an even greater toll over time. To top things off, it’s one of the main factors which contributes to inflammation and visible signs of aging. Keep reading to find out which tip for healthy skin you’ve probably overlooked your whole life.