8 Foods That Make You Look Older

Ever wondered why your skin feels a bit different (read: worse) after a few parties, BBQ’s or alcohol-fuelled nights? The answer is simple: what you eat affects your skin – for better or worse. While that one indulgence won’t give you crow’s feet and fine lines overnight, a diet that is consistently poor can accelerate the aging process of your skin and teeth over time. Keen to avoid crows feet in your twenties or wrinkles at 30? Here’s a list with 8 foods to eat in moderation to keep looking as young as you feel. Proceed at your own caution!



Got a sweet tooth? You may need to practice moderation. Why? Sugar overload might kick-start a process more commonly known as glycation. It works like this: if you eat more sugar than your cells can process, the extra sugar molecules combine with proteins creating so-called ‘advanced glycation end products’ (more commonly known as ‘AGES’). These can damage your skin’s collagen (the stuff that keeps your skin firm and youthful).

It will come as no surprise that too many sweets are also bad for your smile. Sugar sticks to your teeth and this encourages bacteria, decay and discoloration. Want to avoid this as much as possible? Swish some water around your mouth afterwards to remove any excess buildup.



Next up on our list is the world’s most accepted drug: alcohol. When your liver is in tip-top condition, toxins that could potentially affect the skin are expelled through your body. However, if toxins build up in you liver and aren’t broken down properly, this can cause issues like acne, sallowness and more wrinkles than you deserve for your age – something nobody is waiting for! To top it off, alcohol can trigger rosacea outbreaks, it’s dehydrating and bad for your sleep. Lack of sleep is also linked to accelerated aging in several studies. More specifically, it’s linked to wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and less skin elasticity. Keep reading to find which popular drink not only ages you, but causes surprising dental damage.