5 Things That Happen When Parents Yell at Their Children

It happens to every parent: they yell at their children when they have done something wrong. Let’s be honest; it happens more often than we like to admit, unfortunately. Yelling seems quite logical, because it sounds stricter than a ‘normal’ voice and is much less violent than a physical punishment. It turns out that yelling at a child is one of the most ineffective things you can do.

In fact, yelling at your children causes even more problems and it can have negative consequences in the long term. Moreover, parents do not like it either. Parents often regret it because they realize that they have behaved in the same manner as what got them angry at their child. What impact does yelling at your child have on you, your child and your environment? Visit the next page to find out what happens to your child when yelling at him or her. Find out more!