20 years later, girl reads secret note her adoptive parents hid from her

Parents who adopt

Kati knew that Ken and Ruth weren’t her biological parents, but was still in shock when she heard the news. Now she was extra motivated to meet her real parents. But who were they? A small step back in time: it’s 1995 and Qian Fenxiang and Xu Lida are excited to meet their second baby. Sadly, the poverty in China leads to the implementation of a new law, restricting parents to only one child. Qian was already pregnant for almost a whole year, so abortion wasn’t an option right now. The family decided to hide with the entire family on a boat, about 75 miles away from their real home. Unable to go to the hospital, Qian gave birth on the boat. After that, the parents were forced to do something awful out of pure desperation.


Qian and Xu were really happy with their new baby, but didn’t have enough money to pay the authorities. After a good think, they decided to take their five-day-old baby to the local market in Suzhou, which is full of dark, hidden corners. Somewhere deep inside the market, Xu carefully hid her baby and added a note, which reads: “our daughter Jingzhi was born on 10 ‘o clock on the 24th day of the Chinese calendar in 1995. Povertry and the circumstances of the world have forced us to leave her behind. Oh, pity the hearts of mothers and fathers all around you!’’ Xu and Qian were certain somebody would adopt their child. The last sentences on the note give the reader more than a bit of hope. “Thank you for saving and caring for our daughter. If the heavens have feelings, let us come together one more time on the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou during the Qixi festival, 10 or 20 years from now.’’ Fast-forward 10 years and: Qian and Xu are heading to the Qixi festival to see their daughter again. Annie, the woman who had been friends with Ken and Ruth for years, is also at the Qixi festival to meet Qian and Xu. Sadly, she’s too late: the couple is already gone.

When she was 21, Kati contacted the filmmaker Chang, who was making a documentary about adopted people from China. She made a deal: Kati would take part in the documentary and Chang would find her parents. This became a reality in 2017 during the Qixi festival, which is like the Chinese Valentine’s Day – making it extra special.

It all felt like one big feelgood-film, but some things were still difficult to get past. Kati really liked seeing her parents, but they felt enormously guilty. Kati’s mum, in particular, had a tough time.“If we hadn’t left her like that, she wouldn’t have suffered as much.’’ Kati’s mum was horrified by the fact that Kati worked to support herself during her studies. Her first daughter never had to do something like that. Another drawback: Kati couldn’t communicate with her parents, seeing as they don’t speak English and Kati doesn’t understand Mandarin. Still, her parents could see she was an amazing girl. Now that they know her, they miss her more than ever.