20 years later, girl reads secret note her adoptive parents hid from her

Parents will do anything to make their child’s life as comfortable as possible. A married couple from Michigan was even prepared to adopt a Chinese baby and welcome it into the family as their own. Say hello to Ken and Ruth Pohler, who always wanted to adopt a child. When the time was right, they flew to China and adopted baby Kati. She’d been left behind with a note inside a busy market. Keep reading to discover the shocking contents of the note and see how beautiful Kati is now.


The family was really happy with their new daughter. Interesting detail: when they found Kati there was a tiny note attached to her. They couldn’t believe what was written on it: Ken’s wife read it out to us in tears.
Kati grew up to be a typical American kid who grew up in Michigan and loved sports and music. Everyone knew she was adopted, so there were no annoying questions regarding the subject. When she turned 18, her family thought it was time to tell her where she came from. However, one important question remained unanswered.

Ken and Ruth had a connection (Anne) who did some research for the couple in China. They gave her all the necessary information about the note they found on Kati all those years ago. One question remained: who had written the letter and why was it so important for Kati? When Kati was 21, she decided she finally wanted to know the truth about her past (she was about to study in Spain for a semester). Ken and Ruth were worried about her reaction, but decided to tell her in the end. Read the sad story on the next page.